BluSans Smart Toilet Module


Not Just The Everyday "Business"

Our Smart Capsule can enable:
• Centralized electrical control
• Centralized temperature and AC control using chilled water system
• Centralized speaker control
• Centralized fire alarm system
• Enable WIFI system if required

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What are the Advantages of Smart Toilet Module?
• Improve construction execution efficiency
• Lower production cost and wastage
• Avoid use of big AC Duct in Cabin
• Reduced Fire dampers and lower fire risk / One
less class item to inspect
• Centralized Control
• Enable Redundancy due to blackout as all electrical lines terminate at this capsule
• Neat Modular Design

Showers and Toilets (Brief Specification)
Bathrooms for the cabins in general to be built as units, and according to normal yard Standard. Joiner panels used in way of the toilet unit shall be constructed of galvanized sheet covered with PVC film.


Smart Heads Capsule will be equipped as follows.
• At least clear height abt. 2,000 mm (floor top to ceiling)
• Water Closet
• Shower
• Shower Mat and Curtain
• Toilet Bowl/ Seat
• Toilet Paper holder
• Towel Bar
• Clothes Hook
• Mirror
• Mirror LED Lamp with shaver power point
• Wash Basin with hot and cold water mixing tap soap dish
• Grab Rail
• Silent Hidden Fan Coil Unit (Less than 45 db)
• Chilled Water line In/Out
• HVAC Return Air Line
• Cabin HVAC Exhaust Pipe
• Condensate Piping
• Black Water / Grey Water Piping
• Waste Bin
• Public Address Speaker
• Louver for Air Flow
• AC Cooling load 1.5-2.5 KW