Commercial Salvage Diving

The more commercial or salvage divers know about the underwater environment they are about to enter, the easier it is to prepare for and mitigate the risk. The portable Deep Trekker mini ROVs are an essential tool in ensuring a higher level of diver safety. The Deep Trekker systems are the perfect situation scouting tool, allowing divers to gain a better understanding of the situation and environment before they splashdown. Our commercial-grade ROVs can stand up to tough water conditions and are a reliable partner to divers. With years of experience in the commercial diving industry, we’ve refined our underwater ROVs to perform exceptionally in any operation, whether it’s infrastructure inspection or a deep sea salvage operation. If you need an underwater ROV for commercial applications, contact us today!


The Deep Trekker DT340 Pipe Crawler product line is specifically designed to perform infrastructure inspections of pipeline systems. The pipe crawler is submersible up to 50 meters (164 ft), making it ideal for a variety of municipal inspection such as storm and sanitary systems. The system builds on the same principles of the Deep Trekker ROVs, but specifically configured to crawl through pipelines with a live video feed of the pipe’s integrity.

Technologically Advanced HD Cameras

Our easy-to-use commercial diving ROVs are equipped with fully integrated HD cameras that will transmit a clear, sharp video image to a handheld controller on the surface. The diver will be able to see any obstacles or potential trouble spots and take any necessary precautions to avoid them during the upcoming dive. Our underwater salvage ROV camera equipment with optional sonar systems can even help the diver navigate dark, murky waters with ease.

NO External Power Source required

A Deep Trekker salvage safety remote operated vehicle is designed for maximum maneuverability and extended operation. These fully portable systems are easily added to your toolkit, without the need for external power. The user-friendly handheld controller and patented pitching system simplifies the ROV’s operation and make it extremely easy to guide while underwater. The integrated battery provides several hours of operation on a single charge, which makes the ROV ideally suited for lengthy salvage or inspection operations.

Commercial Salvage Diving ROV Applications

Once divers are in the water, the Deep Trekker mini ROVs become an extra set of eyes, monitoring for diver safety or distress, and even getting a view into tight spots where the divers cannot easily go. This visibility makes the ROV well-suited for a wide variety of commercial diving salvage tasks, such as performing routine ship hull inspections to check for signs of corrosion or other damage, recovering ships and airplanes and their cargo in the wake of a wreck, as well as performing various underwater infrastructure repair tasks.

Commercial Salvage Diving ROV Applications

A valuable optional commercial diving ROV attachment that can assist divers while they’re in the water is the Deep Trekker Diveable Control System, which is essentially an underwater version of the handheld controller. This self-contained, waterproof controlling device allows the diver to effortlessly maneuver the ROV and send it ahead to explore a designated area or object. It is also equipped with an extra-bright screen for enhanced visibility.


Recommended Products

Aquaculture 2.png


Compact and robust, complete with heading and depth sensors. Depth rated to 150 m (492 ft)

Aquaculture 3.png


Vectored thrusters when working in higher currents or moving laterally. Depth rated to 305 m (1000 ft)

DT-340 S Crawler.png

DT-340 ‘S’ Crawler

PTZ Camera, Robust and Battery-Operated Pipe Crawler. Depth rated to 50 m (164 ft)

Favourite Add-on

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Side Camera

Quickly change views between up to three camera views.


MultiBeam Sonar

Work in low visibility to identify targets with sonar options

Aux Lights.png

Auxiliary Light

Additional light when working in confined spaces

4k Cam.png

4K Camera

Upgrade your camera for the best resolution for your clients.