ROV Control Console

Our ROV Control Console designed as a portable video control system mounted in a robust and harsh environment transport case. Within the case are all of the recording features required for monitoring underwater operations.


The console well equipped with a powerful PC and 3 Fold Screen Monitor to display ROV Camera Live Feed, Sonar, and USBL Information.


Optional Battery Power Pack allow user to operate the console when there is no power supply on site.


Control Console General Specs






Power Supply: 

62.5 cm (24.60 in)

46.7 cm (18.40 in)

38.50 cm (97.8 in)

52 kg

Pelican Box Black Box 7U

220-240 V




Hard Drive:

Operating System:

3 Fold 17.3" Monitor Screen with 1920x1080 resolution

Intel i5 Processor

2 GB

500 GB

Windows 7/10 Professional


  • All in one monitoring display and recording
    The console is fully integrated with a powerful mini PC and 3 Fold Screen Monitors which suit the need to display ROV Camera Live Feed, Sonar and USBL Information.


  • Powerful Processing PC
    A powerful Intel Core PC is integrated to handle sensor software, recording and data recording. It come with Overlay Software for instant video editing ability.


  • 3 Fold Monitor Screen
    ​​With 3 Fold  Monitor Screen, each screen can display Camera Live Feed, Sonar, and USBL information respectively.


  • Optional Video Enhancer
    Lynn Video Enhancer can be integrated to the console.