Routine inspections are the key to the long-term care and success of any infrastructure. With underwater infrastructure, routine inspections such as dam, bridge, and resevoir inspections were historically arduous and difficult, and often dangerous. The importance of these inspections grows for the long-term health of the structure, due to the effect that water has on construction materials. Divers are placed in dangerous scenarios for a task that is taken for granted above the sea.
he Deep Trekker DT340 Pipe Crawler product line is specifically designed to perform infrastructure inspections of pipeline systems. The pipe crawler is submersible up to 50 meters (164 ft), making it ideal for a variety of municipal inspection such as storm and sanitary systems. The system builds on the same principles of the Deep Trekker ROVs, but specifically configured to crawl through pipelines with a live video feed of the pipe’s integrity.

 Easier & Safer Infrastructure Inspections

Deep Trekker’s mini ROVs (remotely operated vehicles) protect divers from these situations and makes routine inspections possible. Deep Trekker DTG2 and DTX2 ROVs are submersible robots equipped with state-of-the art HD cameras that provide clear images to a handheld controller. The operator can use the controller to navigate the ROV through the underwater infrastructure with ease.

Benefits of our Equipment

Our underwater infrastructure inspection ROVs and pipe crawlers are widely used by municipalities, water treatment facilities, and private contractors. They provide a cost-effective alternative to hiring professional divers —  and in the case of our pipe crawling equipment, they can reach places that are inaccessible to human inspection. A Deep Trekker product can perform fast, efficient underwater infrastructure inspections of everything from culverts and storm pipes to potable water tanks, sanitation pipes, and much more.

Maintenance and Repair Tasks

The time will come when something needs to be repaired, and Deep Trekker ROVs offer a variety of attachments, including a cutter, two-function grabber, and laser scaler that can assess a maintenance or repair job and sometimes complete it without the need for the dive team. The Deep Trekker ROV is a valuable addition to the engineers’ and technologists’ toolbox for maintaining and repairing potable water tanks, bridges, dams and dykes, subsea cabling and more.

Solar and Wind Installation Inspections

The heavy demands of the underwater infrastructure inspections can take a toll on equipment. Our ROVs and pipe crawlers are commercial-grade products that are designed and constructed to withstand the punishment. What’s more, our products feature magnetic couplers instead of dynamic seals that require greasing, making them virtually maintenance free. Our ROVs are built tough for a variety of uses, whether it be underwater infrastructure inspections, ocean-related inspections, and more.

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Recommended Products

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Compact and robust, complete with heading and depth sensors. Depth rated to 150 m (492 ft)

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Vectored thrusters when working in higher currents or moving laterally. Depth rated to 305 m (1000 ft)

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DT340 Pipe Crawler

Submersible and battery operated pipe crawler, PTZ camera to inspect hard to reach areas


DT640Mag Utility Crawler

Multi-functional vehicle for vacuuming and pressure washing surfaces.

Favourite Add-on

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Side Camera

Quickly change views between up to three camera views.


MultiBeam Sonar

Work with sonar in low-visibility waters

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Vacuum Head

Remove sediment buildup and clean hard to reach areas with the vacuum attachment for the DT640 Utility Crawler

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4K Camera

Easily capture the underwater world in 4K or snap 18-megapixel photos.