Military / First Responders

In our world of increasing uncertainty, we rely on men, women, and technology of our military, police, and rescue teams to keep us safe. Threats to our security are often hidden in underwater locations, either as discarded evidence, contraband traveling on ships, or mines and explosives placed to cause destruction. Skilled divers must routinely put themselves in harm’s way to ensure the safety and security of us all. The Deep Trekker mini ROV systems offer a safer view of the threats and evidence that is hiding beneath the waves.

An Easy-to-Use military water ROV featuring fast deployment speed is critical in many types of underwater military operations. Using the portable Deep Trekker systems, military professionals, officers, and agents are able to have eyes in the water in under 30 seconds in most cases. Finding evidence, contraband and even lost souls becomes more efficient and safer using ROVs instead of, or in conjunction with skilled dive teams. The ROV is equipped with a specially designed HD camera that transmits clear visual images to a handheld controller on the surface. The divers will know exactly where to focus their efforts and have a better understanding of the environment they’re about to enter. Deep Trekker ROVs make tasks from standard port security to forensic gathering safer and easier to manage.

Accessible to All Teams

Smaller Regions and Volunteer Team Also Benefit From ROV Ownership. Deep Trekker ROVs can provide an extremely cost-effective underwater observation solution for immediate deployment to inspect waterways, or areas of interest even while waiting on outside departments to arrive. Purchasing an ROV can be a more affordable long-term solution and provide a piece of mind to the community and reduce costs associated with bringing in marine units from neighboring jurisdictions.

Law Enforcement and Police ROV

In addition to armed forces ROV use, local law enforcement can also benefit from Deep Trekker underwater observation equipment. Many cities and police units have a marine unit to assist police and other first responders. A remote operated vehicle for law enforcement agency use can aid in underwater evidence search operations and underwater crime scene investigations. Additionally, a diving team can use an ROV to facilitate search and rescue operations to locate drowning victims. ROVs can also help first responders in their underwater rescue efforts. Search sites are often in treacherous waters; an additional ROV can complement the marine unit to provide additional safety by monitoring of police divers.

Mine Detection Operations

Using a Remote Operated Vehicle for Mine Detection Operations and Mine countermeasures involve finding mines, classifying, and destroying them so they are no longer a threat. Classifying the mines and destroying them still rely largely on expert divers, who are placed in harm’s way, and to ROVs, which are expensive if treated as an expendable device. With the portable, affordable Deep Trekker ROVs, the ability to perform explosive ordinance disposal (EOD) such as mine destroying with an ROV becomes much more cost effective. Given the small size of the Deep Trekker ROVs, the vessels can be launched from surface ships, small craft, and even helicopters, and can locate and destroy enemy mines within minutes of deployment.


Recommended Products

Aquaculture 2.png


Compact and robust, complete with heading and depth sensors. Depth rated to 150 m (492 ft)

Aquaculture 3.png


Vectored thrusters when working in higher currents or moving laterally. Depth rated to 305 m (1000 ft)

Favourite Add-on


MultiBeam Sonar

Sonar systems for murky water searches

Diveable Controller.png

Diveable Controller

Dive and pilot the ROV with this waterproof controller


USBL Positioning System

Locate your ROV and know where you’ve searched

External Flood Light.png

External Flood Light

Auxiliary and external light options to expand visibility