SURVEILLON Surveillance System

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In CCTV Solution, we analyses and study each environmental requirements to propose an effective solution without compromising security. 


Our CCTV Network allow crew to view and manage camera images from various location of the vessel, such as wheelhouse, cabins or engine room. Incorporating with High-definition camera, images are crystal clear to ensure detailed are captured. Wide range of camera products range from Indoor to Outdoor, Fixed to Pan-Tilt-Zoom, Day/Night or IR, 360° view, thermal or explosion-proof type, all to meet each and every different environment. Power-Over-Ethernet (PoE) camera models are also available, reducing the complexity of cabling.

With Advance Network Video Recorder (NVR) these days, NVR are capable to enhance the security with incorporated face recognition, secure zones, motion detection, unattended object or thermal image alert. With dual self-adaptive gigabit network interfaces, the redundant port could be use for contingency when the main port fails. Internal hard-drives are configured to fail-over function in the event of a drive breakdown.

To better facilitate security, microwave radar system can be improvise to assist in detecting and alert intruders approaching. Up to 4 camera could be link with the security radar to track and pinpoint the intruder.

External visual alarm or audible siren could be incorporated to the solution to deter intruder access into secured zones.

CCTV Solutions camera, security radar and NVR are ONVIF support and the communication are using standard Ethernet communication protocol, thus it giving the flexibility of connection to a common networking switches and backed by dedicated Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) to avoid power failure.

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