Underwater Discovery

Exploring the undersea world has been compared to discovery in space – no less wondrous, and every bit as exciting. As we discover more and more about our Earth, the desire to understand what we cannot see beneath the waves is greater than ever.

But, as with space exploration, underwater discovery poses many challenges and dangers. Many of these discovery expeditions now make use of specially designed underwater exploration ROVs (remotely operated vehicle) equipped with HD cameras to mitigate the risks. Our versatile Deep Trekker ROVs can help you with your marine imaging and video recording needs.

Using ROV for Mort Removal

Timely mort removal in aquaculture environments is very important. The Deep Trekker DTG2 ROV can be fitted with our optional mort retrieval tools, ensuring that morts are moved to the vacuum lift system, or taken to the surface for removal during routine inspection. The patented pitch capability of the DTG2 makes scooping up morts possible without the need for diver intervention.

Scouting Fish Farm

Finding the ideal location is a critical step for any successful fish farming operation. Another valuable use of an ROV for aquaculture is scouting for farm locations. You can explore the terrain at the bottom of lakebeds or along ocean floors. You’ll gain a clear view of the proposed areas ecosystem and accurately identify if the site complies with government regulations. Once your farm is up and running, you can use your ROV to help you collect and test sediment and water samples on a regular basis.

ROV Aquaculture Stock Monitoring CapabilitieS

A Deep Trekker ROV enables you to monitor the health of your stock. Use it to detect signs of unusual fish behavior that could indicate a potential health problem, as well as any changes in the underwater environment. You can also determine whether your feed machines are functioning properly. There is no worry of a generator’s gas or noise pollution that could endanger fish safety during aquaculture stock monitoring procedures.

Retrieving Lost Equipment

Accidentally dropping valuable equipment or personal items can be a frequent occurrence when working around water in aquaculture operations. An ROV can be fitted with attachments that enables you to retrieve these items and return them to the surface. This prevents the need to hire a professional diver and eliminates the cost associated with replacing expensive equipment.

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Recommended Products

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Compact and robust, complete with heading and depth sensors. Depth rated to 150 m (492 ft)

Favourite Add-on

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Internal 4K Camera

Cinema-ready filming with our internal 4K camera

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Sampling Devices

Take scientific samples of sediment or water

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Fishing Downrigger

Change your fishing game with this underwater fishing drone

GoPro Mount.png

GoPro Mount

Bring your go pro with you